About Snyder's Plan:

Over the past two years, Governor Snyder has robbed nearly $2 billion from Michigan's public schools and given it away as tax handouts for large corporations without the promise of creating a single job for our state.

As classroom sizes grew and schools across the state struggled to cope with his devastating budget cuts, Governor Snyder declared the problem he helped create was so dire that it required a complete rewrite of how Michigan's public education system works. To accomplish that, he hired Richard McLellan, a lobbyist and proponent of a voucher-type education system, to draft his proposed overhaul of Michigan's school funding behind closed doors with no transparency as to what special interest groups had influence over the final product.

The result is a plan that would end public education as we know it, replacing it with a voucher system that favors for-profit corporations operating our schools with decisions being made in a boardroom instead of the classroom. It would hand your tax dollars over to these out-of-state companies with little oversight to ensure that money is being spent on our schools instead of CEO bonuses.

In short, it's a disaster waiting to happen.

We think Michigan's kids deserve better and are fighting to stop this plan before it gets any further. If you agree, please take a moment to sign the petition on this page and tell Governor Snyder that our kids deserve schools focused on learning, not earning!